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Limited Knowledge


Limited Knowledge

2012.09.06 Thu to 2012.09.16 Sun

Curated by Yang Fudong
Openning: Thursday, September 6, 15:00
Duration: September 6 – 16, 2012
Venue: 2F, SIMA, China Academy of Art, #218 Nanshan Rd., Hangzhou

Opening Talk: Improvised Images and Limited Knowledge
Discussants: Yang Fudong, Gao Shiming and Students from Experimantal Image Studio
Time: 16:30 – 18:00, Thursday, September 6
Venue: 2F, SIMA, China Academy of Art, #218 Nanshan Rd., Hangzhou

In March 2012, Artist Yang Fudong led 15 students from the Experimantal Image Studio / School of Intermedia Art of the China Academy of Art on a journey to Dunhuang. They explored and created time-based works during the excursion through engaging with life, observing, travelling and recording. This Hangzhou exhibition is the first time the creative experience is being consolidated and presented, featuring 16 works from and after the trip.

Project Curator: Yang Fudong
Project Executive: Gao Fuyan, Zhang Jianling
Exhibition Planner: Zhang Jianling, Liu Yi, Lu Yuanjiong
Artists: Feng Bingyi, Han Jing, Kou Luyang, Liu Yi, Lu Yuanjiong, Ma Haijiao, Shi Yin, Xia Mu, Xu Zhuojun, Yuan Keru, Yuan Hui, Zhang Jinghua

Held by Experimantal Image Studio/ SIMA/ CAA
Supported by Hanart TZ Gallery  West Heavens
Special Thanks to Dunhuang Academy  Dunhuang Culture Promotion Foundation