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The First Review and Discussion


The First Review and Discussion

2016.10.19 Wed18:30 to 2016.10.19 Wed24:00

Room 406, Xiayuan, Jiaotong Univerisy (Minhang Campus)

Guest reviewers: YAN Yu, ZHOU Yang
Instructors: FAN Wenbing, Aneerudha PAUL
Time: 18:30, Oct. 19th, 2016
Venue: Room 406, Xiayuan, Jiaotong Univerisy (Minhang Campus)
Participants: Department of Architecture, Shanghai Jiaotong University & KRVIA, Mumbai
Host: West Heavens
Support: Inter-Asia School, Moonchu Foundation

YAN Yu is PhD Candidate of CAUP, Tongji University and also Chief Researcher of Lab 408. He is also Secretary of Academy of Cityscape, World Association of Chinese Architects. His academic interests include : Environment-behavior Study, Spatial analysis and Place-making.
ZHOU Yang is currently and independent photographer, translator and writer, while teaching photography part-time at the Journalism School of Shanghai International Studies University. Her own photographic practice is focused on quiet and subtle topics such as memory, aging and cultural heritage.
Fan Wenbing is associate Chair of the Department of Architecture, Shanghai Jiaotong University; chief architect of Atelier Fan. He has been working on architectural pedagogy, urban renewal, and the domestic architectural design in Contemporary China. His publications include the Conservation and Renewal of LiLong Housings in Shanghai (2004) and Notes on Architectural Pedagogy (2014).
Aneerudha PAUL is presently the Director of the Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture (KRVIA), Mumbai. From 2003 onwards he has been an advisor to the Collective Research Initiatives Trust (CRIT), through which he is presently involved in working with issues of housing and slums in the inner city areas, assisting communities to develop their own plan for their neighborhoods.