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West Heavens Artist Dispatch series talk

Artist Dispatch

West Heavens Artist Dispatch series talk

2011.12.24 Sat14:00

West Nanjing Road


Presenter: ZHENG Bo  CHEN Zhengyao JIANG Yifan

Hosted by CHEN Yun

In Oct 2011, ZHENG Bo was assigned to Delhi by West Heavens for Artist Dispatch Project. He’s been through a unique experience in Delhi for 20 days, including going to school in a reverse way (from colleague to elementary) and visit the hermits and normal people in the city. To review the trip and share the thoughts with others, ZHENG Bo invite his friends, CHEN Zhengyao and JIANG Yifan, to share their different voyages in the summer of 2011.

West Heavens welcome all the friends to share your thoughts about India.