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Lecture: A brief History of Workers' Villages


Lecture: A brief History of Workers' Villages

2013.11.06 Wed15:00 to 2013.11.06 Wed17:00

Tongji Complex 1102

A Brief History of Workers' Villages
Speaker: WANG Weiqiang 
Discussion Guest:  Christopher Connery

Workers' villages in 1950s was the most important consctruction in Shanghai afer 1949, which changes people's life. What's the historical background of workers' villages? How does the design alter druing serval periods? How does space change people's life both in mental and cultural?

WANG Weiqiang, Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University. His specialities are the theory of urban space, urban design, neibornood protection, as well as the topic related to image and city.

Chris Connery is the professor of University of California, Santa Cruz and department of Cultural Studies of Shanghai University. He has been living in Shanghai since 2010 and has observed Caoyang Villiage over a longer period.