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India as Method

West Heavens Salon

India as Method

2011.06.26 Sun19:00

1F, XieJin Building, 169 Yuan Ming Yuan Road


Participants: Kuan-Hsing Chen

Grass Stage Culture Station Social Theatre Forum Lecture Series No. 11

Lecture: India as Method

Speaker: Kuan-Hsing Chen

Co-curated: Grass Stage Cultural Outpost, Art World Magazine, Rockbund Art Museum

Language: Chinese

Throughout the twentieth century, scholars throughout Asia have looked toward Europe and the United States, taking Euro-American experience as the primary frame of reference, and studying Europe and America, including their value systems, in setting a target for catching up or overtaking. In 2010 Kuan-Hsing Chen participated in West Heaven, a dialogue on social thought between India and China ( . He uses that experience to reconsider and analyze knowledge in the present conjuncture. The core argument involves taking India as a reference point, as offering a completely different understanding and imagination of world history. But in order to do this, it is important to dispel the delusions of “catching up” or “overtaking.”