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Mid-term Presentation


Mid-term Presentation

2014.11.01 Sat13:30 to 2014.11.01 Sat16:30

Room 333 & 338, Engineering Building, Shanghai Jiaotong University Xuhui Campus

Shanghai Collage: Ding Haiqiao 
2014 Same-Same Mumbai-Shanghai Urban Studies Workshop Presentations & Discussion 
Instructers: Fan Wenbing, Kalpit Ashar
Hosted by Fan Wenbing
Language: English
Participants: Students from KRVIA, Mumbai and Jiaotong University, Shanghai; Participants of Dinghai Qiao Project
BU Bing: Founder and principal of One Design Inc. 
FENG Lu: Founder and principal of OWA (Operation of Wuyang Architecture)
LUO Gang: Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at East China Normal University
DING Yannan: Lecturer in History Department, School of Huminities at Shanghai Jiaotong University.