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Chatterjee Partha

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Partha Chatterjee

Partha Chatterjee was born in Calcutta in 1947 and graduated in Political Science from Presidency College in the University of Calcutta. He completed his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Rochester in the United States. He has spent most of his academic life on the faculty of the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, of which he was Director from 1997-2007. He had help visiting appointments in many universities of the United States, Europe and Australia. He is currently Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, New York.

Partha Chatterjee has published several books on modern Indian history, society and politics. Among them are “Nationalist Thought and the Colonial World” (1986), “The Nation and Its Fragments” (1993), “A Possible India” (1999), “A Princely Impostor” (2002) and “The Politics of the Governed” (2004). Partha Chatterjee also writes in Bengali and is the author of two books of critical essays “Itihaser uttaradhikar” [The Legacy of History] (2000) abd “Praja o tantra” [Subject and System] (2006).

Partha Chatterjee is also a noted playwright. Six of his plays in Bengali have been stahed, including “Ramnidhi” (1985) and “Ajker Hajabarala” (1995).

He lives in Calcutta but spends part of the year teaching in New York.