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LN Tallur

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Tallur LN

Tallur LN (born 1971, Kundapur, Karnataka, India) believes that the mankind has developed a skill to conveniently conceptualize the absurdities in our daily life, as if they are an inevitable part of our existence. This co-existence has always been a point of ignition for Tallur, for his explorations.

Tallur is an Indian artist who has rarely ventured outside India and grew up in the rural community. His works speak of the grinding poverty in the cultivated countryside. Employing Indian signs and symbols, Tallur conceives works that are characteristic of the underbelly of India, while still successfully managing to translate the anxiety of his subject matter to a larger audience. Tallur’s work delivers an incredibly depressing sight and sign of the objects of social utilitarianism. His sculptural works are riddled with the agony of labored situations. For the artist, there is a pleasurable absurdity in the disheveled traditions of the farmlands and the villages when compared to the new hyper-real cities that function as cash accumulators.

Tallur has exhibited in solo and group shows in the U.S., India, China, Europe, and South Korea. The latest solo exhibition includes Placebo, Chemould Prescott Road Gallery, Bombay, India (2009) and Chromatophobia -The fear of money, Arario Beijing, China (2010). He has recently participated in the exhibition The Empire strikes back: Indian art today, Saatchi Gallery, London (2010). He now works and lives in India and Korea.