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Guo Xiajuan

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Guo Xiajuan

Current Positions:

Professor of Politics and Public Administration,

Department of Government Management

College of Public Administration,

Zhejiang University

Director of Institute of Public Administration,

Zhejiang University

Visiting Appointments:

2007-2008  Visiting Professor, Nottingham University, UK.

2005-2006  Visiting Scholar, Nottingham University, UK.

2001-2002  Visiting Fellow, Murdoch University, Australia

Research Interests:

Research interests cover two main areas: women’s studies and ethics in practice. 1) Feminist theories and women’s rights, particularly women’s political participation in contemporary China, including female enterprisers’ political participations in the NPC at local level and their social responsibility; women’s political involvement in rural power structures, and the substantial role in urban community governance. 2) Ethics in public administration; ethics in environmental policies and management in China, and etc.