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Ghufran Iram

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Iram Ghufran

Iram Ghufran is a New Delhi based filmmaker and artist working on moving image, sound and text. In 1998, she graduated from Lucknow University with a Bachelor degree in arts, and then proceeded in pursuing master education in Jamia Millia Islamia University. As a member of the Media Lab at Sarai CSDS between 2004 and 2011, Ghufran was part of several experimental and multi-disciplinary processes and collaborations.
Her works has been shown in several international art and cinematic contexts including the Berlin Film Festival, Experimenta India, World Social Forum and ISEA among others. Ghufran's first documentary essay film There is Something in the Air is the winner of several awards including the National Award for “Best Direction” and “Best Editing”(2012).
Ghufran has recently finished a long documentary on the eminent Indian filmmaker Shayam Benegal. Her current projects involve a documentary film named Mad is a Different Direction; meanwhile, she is also doing a collaborative research and film project on religious and secular forms of healing for psychic tensions and mental “disorders” in urban north India.