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Zhe Lai

A female vocalist coming from Hexi in Gansu Province.
She was trained as a traditional folk singer. Nourished by the traditional, yet very authentic and original national culture of China's northwest, she gradually found her own original way to express herself by collaborating with a wide variety of creative artists.
Then she decided to become a Sound Explorer exploring the multiplex possibilities of vocal music, succeeding in redefining everything she has learned with her voice.
A new style, a new adventure has started .

Performing experience:
British BBC WOMAD Music Festival.
Denmark Roskilde Music Festival.
Sweden Urkult Music Festival.
Portuguesa SINES Music Festival.
Switzerland BURGHOF Theatre Concert.
Germany Hildesheim Music Festival.
Taiwan Wei Wu Ying Art Festival.
MIDI Festival.
Beijing Hang Gai Music Festival.
Beijing Tree Music World Music Week.
Beijing Valley Folk Music Festival.
Zhuhai northern mountain World Music Week.
The Sixth Asian pop music research conference, Land to the ground.
Hongkong International Poetry Festival, Old Enmity Concert.
South Korea Sori International Traditional Art Festival Promo and Opening Ceremony.
Be in the vocalist of Da Wang Gang Band That Devotes itself to Spirit of exploration and Folk Root Culture.
Da Wang Gang special performance,Walk with Voice,In Ritual Music Research Center of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music
Cloud and Chant Won the Best world beat Award of Akademia Music Awards, cooperated with Leiluo Music studio.
Tailing singing in the short film, There Aas A Mountain. This film got a nomination in The 69 Cannes International Film Festival.
Being the Voice in the Ballet,Co-Existence,which is about the exploration about southern accent and operatic circle, in National Arts Fund Projec.
Music and Space series music album--Under Bamboos, Listen to Tea; From Dust to the Universe; Listen to Wetland.
Travel About Designing Music, Sounds of Nature, Cloud with Peace concert, and the Documentary.
NoiseAsia, Heart Band,ZenEnsemble-Soundsof Wisdom & Des Special Concert in Shenzhen Grand Theatre and Beijing National Library Concert Hall.