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Sharma Surabhi

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Surabhi Sharma

Surabhi Sharma is an independent film maker. She studied film direction at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, and made her first film in 2001. Her films have been screened at various international festivals and have been awarded at Film South Asia, Nepal; Karachi Film Festival, Pakistan; The Festival of Three Continents, Argentina; Indian Documentary Producers’ Association and Eco-cinema, Greece.

Her films have been on the subjects of music and identity, labour and globalization and women’s health. Surabhi has written scripts and directed for telefilms and educational films as well. She is a guest lecturer at various National Institutions with film departments and at Film Schools in India. She is currently working on a feature length documentary film centered around the theme of migration, music and mobile phones.

Her film works include: Jahaji Music: India in the Caribbean (2007), gender, race and identity seen through the music of the Caribbean, Aamakaar (The Turtle people) (2003), the story of a fishing village community’s struggle to retain control over its local natural resources, Above the Din of Sewing Machines (2004) portrays the lives of women in Bangalore’s garment industry, Pregnancy, Prescriptions and Protocol (2008) documents a remarkable community health programme run by a hospital in a tribal area in south Gujarat, India, and Notes from a Global City (2009) which tracks the work of a precarious but significant trade union set up by garment workers in Bangalore city.