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Dr. Jin Qiao, Associate Professor in the Department of Musicology, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and senior visiting scholar in the School of Music, Taiwan Normal University. He graduated from the Department of Composition and Conducting, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and then achieved Doctor Degree of Musicology there with a dissertation of Xiao Youmei and Music Education in Modern China. He previously taught in Shanghai Jiaotong University, and then in Shanghai conservatory of Music. His research scope include music in modern China, ethnomusicology, and film music.


Joshi Anant

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 20:39

A painter and installation artist, Joshi’s simultaneously sinister and comical creations reflect a sensitivity to urban alienation and cultural displacement. In his installations, Joshi uses beamed light to project a juxtaposition of strange, sculpted ceramic objects and dissected, dismembered toys onto the wall of an imagined space. In this way, the artist’s fictive hybrid man-toy-animals are transformed back into two silhouetted dimensions that simulate a traditional picture plane.


Joag Tushar

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Tushar Joag (born 1966, Bombay,India) Started a project in 2004 called UNICELL Public Works cell. UNICELL is a one person organization that mimics a corporate setup or government bureaucracy. Through UNICELL he suggests absurd solutions to the urban situations around him. Through UNICELL he seeks to make interventions in the urban space, by designing and producing objects that are functional, and aesthetic. The idea is to bring into focus through UNICELL the various concerns of the immediate situation in a satirical way.

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